My Lisk journey started in 2018. Back then it was only possible to play with the data field in transactions. Through the years I saw Lisk and the SDK grow into the solid blockchain platform it is now. Made possible by the hard work of the Lisk team (Lightcurve) and the active Lisk community.

On August 21, 2021, Core 3 is released on mainnet with many improvements: Dynamic fees, multisignature accounts, new and modulare architecture, improved performance and a new DPOS system. All old votes are reset on that day.
Your vote will help me to continue to actively contribute to the Lisk ecosystem. In addition 20% of all forged lisk will be shared among my voters!

To vote, look up the delegate "korben3" in Lisk Desktop. Click "Add to votes" and enter the vote amount, remember Lisk used for voting is locked for ~6hrs. Then goto the voting queue in the top left, click continue and confirm. Also check out this demonstration video from HQ on how to vote using Lisk desktop 2.0:

Here's a partial list of current achievements, looking forward to contributing more.

  • Creating tools for the Lisk network(s).
  • Develop and experiment with Blockchain Applications.
  • Run beta-, test- and mainnet Lisk nodes.
  • Support contributing community members and projects with donations.
  • Share 20% of forged Lisk with voters for delegate: korben3.
  • Promote Lisk through social media, news sites, contests and in other ways.
  • Provide feedback on Lisk products and community projects.
  • Attended Lisk meetings in Berlin, Utrecht and Amsterdam.
  • Presented several PoC Lisk Blockchain Applications.

Lisk Proof of Concepts

Tools and experiments

Blockchain Presentations


Bug reports and feedback

  • Confirmations tooltip difficult to read - Lisk Desktop - Issue #2997
  • Unable to find numerical named delegates - Lisk explorer - Issue #898
  • Unable to register as a delegate with a balance of 25 - Lisk Desktop - Issue #1350
  • Wallet - Transfer - Able to continue with invalid data - Lisk Desktop - Issue #1324
  • And many more..

Donated over 5000 Lisk to projects and contributing community members

Consider voting for Lisk delegate korben3, thanks!

Korben3 - Blockchain Entrepreneur & Developer