The past
Since I was a kid I've always had an interest in technology, breaking apart old radios, watching Star Trek and playing with computers. The first time I programmed was on a MSX Sony hitbit computer, creating simple games, experimenting with graphics, it was fun! After that I owned a P2000T, Commodore 128 and eventually a regular PC. Always coding in some BASIC variant.
Then the internet arrived and I made several sites using a combination of PHP, MySQL, HMTL, CSS and JavaScript. One games news site even became in the top 100.000 most visited sites according to Alexa.com. Other sites included an online dictionary, correcting spelling mistakes using levenshtein algorithm and a system where users could ask all sorts of questions and others could earn points answering them, similar to Yahoo! answers.

One of the more successful programs I made many years ago was Easy Photo Effects, created in PureBasic. Downloaded several 1000 times and featured in two offline magazines including ComputerBild.

The future
Now the focus is on programming in JavaScript using NodeJS and React, and using the Lisk SDK to build Blockchain applications. Blockchain technology has a lot of potential to transform the way industries work like gaming, finance, retail even governments. It's an exciting new field that I've experimented with in the past years.

Some of the benefits of blockchain technology:

  • Immutable, data cannot be altered once stored on chain.
  • Decentralized, no single ownership and always available.
  • Trust, the code is available. No need to trust an intermediary.
  • Reduced cost, efficient in performing transactions and sharing data.
  • Speed, transactions can be made in seconds using a PC or mobile device.
  • Control and security, users can control their own wallets instead of having funds at a bank.

Blockchain is a world that continues to grow and becomes more relevant every day.

Korben3 - Blockchain Entrepreneur & Developer