Welcome my name is korben3!

I am an active Lisk community member since 2018, before the Lisk SDK came out.
Through the years I've contributed to Lisk in many ways: running Lisk nodes, finding bugs, providing feedback on Lisk products and projects, created tools, donated Lisk and helped others. Using the Lisk SDK I've built the following blockchain projects: Global Data Chain, Decentralized Organization Chain, worked on Chronicler and created Lisk Pixels.
I'm also running the following nodes to support the Lisk network and development.

During the years I attended Lisk meetings in Berlin, Utrecht and Amsterdam. And met several other great Lisk community members and employees from Lightcurve, the company behind the Lisk blockchain project. Check out the other pages to find some of my other contributions to the Lisk ecosystem. And if you want to learn more about building a Blockchain in JavaScript with the Lisk SDK, goto Lisk.io